Cleaning your Online Presence

21 February, 2021
Quick questions:
a) How many emails have you created since the first time you were able to use the internet?
b) Do you remember all of them?
c) Do you have access to all of them?
d) What about all the accounts connected to those emails?
Nowadays it’s greatly important to clean your online presence as there’s this ‘cancel culture’ now. Also if you’re looking for a job, the HR and the Hiring Manager might try to check on you as part of the recruitment process; and if you don’t keep yourself ‘clean’ online.. bad things might happen then.
So I just finished cleaning my online presence and I just retrieved 2 GMail, 1 YMail, 1 Hotmail, 1 Instagram, as well as deleting total 4 online accounts. Meanwhile I still have 1 GMail account that I still ain’t able to crack…. as far as I know.
It feels greatttt to clean them lol. And I wanna share them to you how.
So enjoy Marie Condo-ing your online presence!
1. Google yourself
Try googling yourself in different keywords; could be your full name, your username, and any of your online name.
I googled Khairunnisa Sekar AKhairunnisa Sekar Arumsari, andsekarksa as those are all the possible names that I had used online.
This is the first and easiest thing you could do because it’s probably the main gate for anyone to have access to your account.. so make sure you have access to all of those accounts!
2. Check the link one by one
After typing down your own name, traced down each of the links and looked up if it’s directed to any account that you had created before. Not all links are directed to your accounts, some of them are for someone else’s account that has similar name than you.
For me, I googled myself 3 times…
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