Goodbye Wasteful Life, Welcome Minimalism

August 9, 2020

Sering ngerasa nggak, sih, kalau hidup kita semakin kesini semakin konsumtif karena apapun bisa dilakukan via online, termasuk berbelanja. Gak hanya harus dilakukan via platform online shopping seperti Shopee, Lazada, dan TokoPedia. Diam di instagram pun seringkali memberi pengaruh besar dalam gaya hidup konsumtif, yang sedikit banyaknya juga terperngaruh likes, dan postingan yang eye-catching. Here's i give the solution and the reason for you to get thru all of this caused by consumptive behaviour. Yuk sharing!

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Just Awl
Hi! I'm Awl, an owner from the Notes of Little Sister's blog. I am the one who's passionate in blogging and podcasting. That's why i do these things and also put the podcast up to my blog. My blog contains of personal views on social issues such as human rights, education, youth, women, thoughts and stories of daily life.
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