Here Are My 5 Goals for Returning to Blogging after a Hiatus

I came up with the idea of blogging because I was looking for a platform to share my writings at the time. I first heard of blogs in 2008 so around. There were still few social media platforms available at the time, and blogs were becoming increasingly popular. Then I tried to figure out how it worked until I decided on Blogspot as my first blog.

Writing on my blog has become my source of happiness. I have a lot of random thoughts in my head, and blogging allows me to share them with a large number of people. Of course, I am frequently inconsistent in my blogging. However, for some reason, writing on a blog is always a place I go when I’m already overburdened with my activities and work. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had two blogs prior to this one, but with this one, which I started last year, I decided to take it seriously and grow it. So, here are my five goals for why I’m finally blogging again after a long hiatus.

Spread Love and Goodness

I enjoy discussing life, books, and experiences, as well as sharing my thoughts. It’s difficult to find someone who wants to hear my stories, and I realize that not everyone is interested in what I’m talking about. I can express myself to others through writing. I’ve loved writing since I was a child, and it makes me so happy when people read my work and gain insight from it. I hope they can benefit from my writings as well. This is my first goal, to see how my writings can inspire others, provide new perspectives, or simply be a companion in the midst of busyness or loneliness. I didn’t talk much with people when I was a kid because I am the type of person who prefers to be alone and is shy. Of course, I had a limited number of friends. A book is one thing that makes me feel less lonely. I read a lot of books and children’s magazines at the time, and it was enough for me. Then, in order to express myself, I wrote in my diary books. I try to share my writing on my blog until I find a blog.

As I get older, I sometimes feel like my inner child has awakened and I don’t want to interact with others. I prefer to be alone and preoccupied with my thoughts. When I’m feeling like this, I always go back to my books and my writing. I realized that writing was one of my stress relievers, so I tried to blog again. Actually, I had stopped writing on my previous blog for quite some time before deciding to start a new blog and begin writing again. I want to share more good things and love with as many people as possible, and I hope that my writing can be useful and enjoyable for you.

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tantri dp
Hi! I'm Tantri, and I'm interested in many different of topics, especially books, pets, food, and self-improvement. I'm doing writing on my blog and hope to share a lot of information with you. I also look for other bloggers with whom I can connect. Please tell me about your blog, and if you don't mind, please visit mine at https://tantridp.com. Have a wonderful day!

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