How an introvert being open minded ?

25 April, 2021

If I say I used to be an introvert maybe most of you who know me in person will not believe it or ….. Anyway I think its a great opportunity to share my experience and opinion especially for you who might have same struggle as mine before and how I deal with it.

Start from my introvert journey. Since I was child I feel uncomfortable on a group activity – family gathering or something, in the middle of many people even I know who they are. I like to be in small group like only 2-3 person group chat is lovely.

It reflects also on my school journey, when I was in elementary when they have their own gangs, I don’t. Feels like I’m the excess of this class because I don’t like being in one of the groups but yes, kids are kids, my classmates see me as a strange things while I’m alone and not join any gang.

Not as sad as it, I do still have some friend but this kind of situation continuously happen until one day when I start to study abroad. My life start to change.

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