How to Be Productive at Home While Fasting

8 April, 2022

We are required to stay at home since the Covid-19 hit Indonesia, including during the month of Ramadan. When fasting, doing a variety of activities helps us to distract ourselves from hunger and thirst. Fasting at home, on the other hand, causes us to feel hungry and weak, making us less productive. In fact, even if we are only at home during Ramadan, we can still be productive. Here, I’ll share some ideas to help you stay productive while fasting, even if you only do it at home.

Determine Your Goals

The first step is to establish your goals. I believe that we must be aware of our goals in all aspects of our lives, including Ramadan. Setting your target is critical because it will serve as a reminder if you become disoriented in the middle of your journey. Aside from that, goals can help you reawaken your spirit if you are feeling down.

Set your goals for Ramadan based on your needs. For example, you may want to read 30 juz of the Quran during Ramadan, do the Tahajud prayers every day, read two books, exercise before iftar, and so on. You don’t need to set high goals; this can exhaust you the first time. Set achievable goals that you can complete in about a month. If you’ve ever heard of the SMART method, you can use it to set your goals, or you can use another method. Or just keep it simple with whatever method makes you feel at ease. One thing to remember is that the end result is that you can form new habits that will help you live a better life, not just during Ramadan but throughout your life.

Create an Action plan

It’s time to make a plan that you’ve already set up your goals. Begin with small steps. Don’t rush into the big step that will overwhelm you the first time. It is preferable to exercise for 10 minutes every day rather than 1 hour once a day. Allow your body to adjust to the change. It’s normal to have difficulty the first time because we’ve never done it before. So, in order to get our bodies used to it, we should take it slowly at first. Allow our bodies to process the changes we make. We can increase the intensity if this has become a habit.

Make your plan attainable; you can write it in your diary book, or if you want to remember it, make it on paper and tape it to your desk or bedroom wall. It assists you in remembering your goals and the steps you must take each day.

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