How to Make a Rice Flour With Coconut Milk Porridge

21 November, 2020

When sick we usually fill our food intake with foods that have a soft texture, one of which is porridge. There are so many types of porridge in Indonesia, for example chicken porridge, pearl porridge, green bean porridge, marrow porridge, and so forth. Well this time we will discuss about marrow porridge. Marrow porridge is a kind of white porridge food made from rice flour which is served with brown sugar water. Many people choose marrow porridge as a light but filling breakfast. Its soft and savory texture is perfect for consumption along with the fragrance of coconut milk and the sweetness of melted brown sugar. In addition, how to make marrow porridge is arguably not so difficult. You don’t need to be good at cooking to be able to make delicious and delicious marrow porridge. Curious a

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Siva Nur Azizah
Kuliner | Tips | Indonesian Food
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