Kisah Bobo si Harimau Kecil (Bobo the Baby Tiger)

21 November, 2020

Kisah petualangan Bobo si Harimau Kecil dan pelajaran tentang berbuat kebaikan.

Writing a short story to accompany my children's drawing is a way to encourage the kids to read longer writings and teach them morals through storytelling (instead of long boring preaches!).

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Atiyatna Widyanti
My name is Anty. I recently resigned from my 7 year-tenure as a Customer Relations of an automotive company in Surabaya, Indonesia. As of now, I am at home with 3 adorable kids and a Byronic Hero (read: my husband). The power of writing and the art of creation have been my passion since I was a child. Hello, let's get in touch.
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