Life Reflection On The Art Of Living In The Moment

21 October, 2020

A baby that symbolize pure heart and an extraordinary precious gift we called life.

Life..life..life, the cycle of life. What is the purpose of life? How do you see life when you know all of the unknown? All of the questions about life is always keeping me on my toes.

I used to be scared to ask question about life, but with the time passed by, I became more intrigued with the questions. Not to chase the answer, but merely to keep me in check with my present. The art of living in the moment for me is being present and let the answers of life question unfold itself with time, according with my timeline. How about yours?

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Salam Kenal :) Namaku Marina, part-time travel blogger. Kekagumanku akan pesona alam dan budaya Indonesia membuatku ingin menjelajah Indonesia dan menuangkanya dalam blogku (Thespicetomytravel.com). Ide dan nama blogku sendiri datang karena aku tidak hanya suka dengan traveling, tetapi juga orang Indonesia yang suka dengan makanan pedas/yang berempah-rempah.
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