Movie Review: Because This Is My First Life

26 June, 2022

The main casts are Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki as I mention above. I really love how Jung So Min played so childish yet so cute as a high school girl on Playful Kiss. and I never see her drama since then. Until this drama came out I still delay to watch it, in case she is not cute anymore I guess, but it was totally wrong. She might grow as a lady now, but however she always can bring that cuteness image. Besides this drama also has so many comedy scenes (since it is romance comedy genre) which she could play it very well. Lee Min Ki is not my favorite actor before I watch him here in this drama. I actually knew his drama, The Beauty Inside, but I do not really like it, sorry, so I prefer his acting here with Jung So Min. It might so boring to know how there is so many korean drama start the romance scenes by living as housemate. But this drama however hits different. I love the character of Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min played, which as Nam Se Hee a successful man in the his late of thirty who is so independent and mature but choose to live alone but he has mortgage and cannot stand marriage life, and Yoon Ji Hoo which as well decide to life alone because of financial reason.

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