Review: Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser

28 May, 2019

Do you know that no matter what your skin type is, you still need moisturizer?

I've been looking for one moisturizer that can moisturizes my dehydrated and severe acne prone skin. And I tell you what, it's waay more difficult than finding a husband (not the right husband though, because it's def impossible lol).
I'm trying my best to keep the ingredients as clean as possible, but if you read my previous posts, my skin can't even handle butylene glycol when everyone says it's non-commedogenic and non-irritating. When I visited TK. Maxx (which is my fave store in the Netherlands lol), there was one bottle of moisturizer that really caught my eye: Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser with my fave kind of packaging, fave color, and beautiful design in one product.

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