Review: Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector

14 November, 2021

Crystal clear skin and fade the acne scar. I introduce Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector to you. So here the packaging looks like:


Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector_EX with Superberry Extract 92.5%, essence for clear and transparent skin with superberry 92.5%


Clear and transparent anti-oxidization energy essence full of precious ingredients from Mother Nature

1. Anti-Oxidization energy essence with superberry extract 92.5%

Superberry extract fluid consists of acerola, which is rich in Vitamin C, and acai berry extract, which is rich in anthocyanin. It protects skin from oxidization and makes it radiant and smooth.

2. Skin purifying essence with rare ingredients from nature

Moringa, which purifies mud water. Melia, which restores the anti oxidization yeast lost due to harmful factors, will purify skin exposed to harmful outside elements such as yellow dust, air pollution, and micro dust, etc.


LANEIGE’s very own water science technology is used for skin moisturizing from deep within

Water Science Essence with Silicium Capture technology LANEIGE’s very own Water Science Technology involves the natural anti-oxidization ability preservation technology of Hunza Water from Pakistan’s longevity town, which stabilizes the efficacy of superberry to deliver it deeply into the skin.


To summarize, the purpose is to protect skin from oxidization (which leads to aging) and gives smooth and radiant skin.

They also gave the facial cotton inside.



  • Dry your face after washing in the morning and at night. Use at the first stage of your skincare regimen.
  • Sufficiently wet the cotton ball with a single-use amount of the product (2.5 ml, about the size of a quarter coin) and softly pat. Allow the product to be absorbed from the wide area of your face such as the checks and the forehead from the center outward
Old version (left) and the latest version (right). It’s my 2nd bottle of Laneige Clear C Effector!

Ingredients (The latest):

Malpighia emarginata (acerola) fruit extract, euterpe oleracea fruit extract, propanediol, alcohol, niacinamide, butylene glycol, moringa pterygosperma seed extract, melia azadirachta extract, prunus mume fruit extract, nasturtium officinale extract, nelumbo nucifera flower extra, glutathione, glycerin, lecithin, bis-PEG-18 methyl ether dimethyl silane, sodium magnesium silicate, adenosine, PEF-60 hydrogenated castor oil, waster, disodium EDTA, fragrance.



The scent is very soft which I could barely smell. It’s nice so far.




Before-After Application:

After 6 months from the first application. I am amazed at how it smoothened my scars and its ability to fade the dark spots. Based on the journey of the first bottle, my friends said, “I think you are different, what makes your skin glow like that? You are even prettier.” It was so funny haha. So, Laneige Clear C has been helping me out since 2020.


  1. Gives me a radiant skin
  2. Help to heal the wound of the acne scars
  3. Fade the dark spot that is caused by acne
  4. Soft and smooth skin



  1. Oxidization is related to aging. I don’t see the improvement to fade out my smile folds (one of the signs of aging)
  2. My face is getting oily after several hours. Actually, the oiliness is such a nice glow. But if I don’t wash my face, let the oil build up on the skin, it will clog my pores.


Conclusion: Holy Grail!

Repurchase: Absolutely. I don’t follow the instruction to finish the bottle in a month and it still works with my skin. A bottle would last for a year for me.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

1 — It doesn’t do its job and gives me some problems

2 — Doing some of the primary jobs but there are some problems e.g. breakouts by using it

3 — So so product where it doesn’t give me problems but there is no significant improvement too

4 — Giving me a better improvement but not sure to repurchase since there are many substitutes with more effective and efficient

5 — Holy grail product by giving me a significant improvement, very satisfied in all aspects, and absolutely will repurchase it again

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