Strolling Around Malioboro, A Major Shopping Street in Yogyakarta

13 February, 2022

I have never consider Malioboro as a place that would attract tourist visitor because I often visit this place at least three times in a year. One day I moved to Bogor for my study, and my university friends eagerly want to visit Malioboro on the way back of our study tour. Is Malioboro that famous? I surprised.

Malioboro is very famous location in the heart of Yogyakarta City. It just southern part right after the railway of Yogyakarta (Tugu) Station. To get here, you can take direct train from other city that stop at Yogyakarta (Tugu Station) or take an airport train (kereta bandara) from Yogyakarta International Airport that bound for Tugu Station. At the exit gate, walks to the eastern direction for 5 minutes then you will find a street named Malioboro.

Yes, actually Malioboro is name of a street. However, you can find a lot of street vendors that sell clothes, herbs (jamu), souvenirs, etc. You will find a lot of stuff is sold with high price, but I tell you the secret that you should bargain at least 1/3 times from the initial price. That's how it works.

You can also find traditional stalls (angkringan or hik) that sell local foods. Enjoying angkringan foods with black coffee may be the best way to feel the local wisdom. If you are looking for Gudeg (the jackfruit curry, the specialty food of Yogyakarta), it's better to look for a restaurant.

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Arinal Haq Izzawati Nurrahma
I'm a plant scientist who likes traveling. Mostly I write about my travel experiences to historical sites, cultural exchanges, and natural sceneries.
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