Turkey 🇹🇷 is Officially Out of Quarantine

4 July, 2020

Turkey is officially out of quarantine since Juni 1st, 2020. Even though the government does not enforce permanent lockdown (just temporary on weekend) and we quarantine ourselves but it’s finally over. The weekend is free from lockdown. Free but it's not going to be back to before the pandemic. Its new normal era, bruh! So, even though we are free, but we still have to respect the rules~

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Riana Rachmawati
My blog is the writing space of my all day journaling, a travel journey, my experience of living aboard, sometimes I am writing some poems & prose also my thought. I am currently living in Istanbul, Turkey and I will often share my experience living here. Please stay and read my blog as long as you like them. Thank you for stopping by.
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