cruising to balmaceda glacier mountain in patagonia chile 🗻🏔️ | #TRAVELYFE​​ eps. 10 (eng/indo sub)

bonjour, finally after long long hiatus! i am back with another vlog in chile~ this video was taken last december 2019, before the covid spreading, of course. but now we are cruising to the Balmaceda glacier mountain in Puerto Natales, Patagonia Chile~ you'll see how beautiful it was! #imisstraveling i hope you enjoy the video! don't forget to like, comment and subscribe~ thankyou!

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Astrid Maharani
WRITTENBYASTRID – is a writing space where I dedicate most of the time to share my travel journey, my experiences living abroad, women-related stories, reviews on books, beauty products and anything about France. Most of my blog posts would be in both Bahasa Indonesia or English.
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