Festival Makan Ikan + Snacks Shopping Haul di Perancis | #LVenFRANCE

Selamat datang di AMG! Vlog Cerita #23
Semoga saat kamu menonton vlog kita ini, kamu dan kita semua dalam keadan baik & sehat-sehat selalu ya!
Kali ini kita datang ke Festival Makan Ikan di kota Dieppe, Perancis. Abis itu kita belanja snacks and cokelat banyak banget! Penasaran apa aja?
Tonton sampai habis ya!

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Astrid Maharani
WRITTENBYASTRID – is a writing space where I dedicate most of the time to share my travel journey, my experiences living abroad, women-related stories, reviews on books, beauty products and anything about France. Most of my blog posts would be in both Bahasa Indonesia or English.
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