Who first invented the casino, the history of appearance and development

4 May, 2022

Who first invented the casino, the history of appearance and development

Gambling establishments in more ancient times were a luxury only for the nobility. Who invented the casino is not known reliably, as even the circus could be considered a gambling establishment, where people came to give money for entertainment. The history of casinos https://onlinecasinohub.com/au/200-deposit-bonus/  as prototypical gambling houses dates back to ancient China. There are also mentions that gambling houses began to function in ancient times in Egypt. The oldest casino left from ancient times is Domina Coral Bay.

In the ancient period, a whole array of cultural gambling was formed for the wealthy. The same Circus was not like the place we are used to with clowns and jugglers. It was a public place where visitors went to test their attentiveness and luck while playing dice. Money disputes were also made at the Circus.

Eastern states also introduced dice games in separate buildings, arranged as parlors. It is believed that the history of the casino (in its modern form) had its origins in Italy. It was this country was the founder of the tradition of meetings in a cozy home environment for a game of cards. But during such meetings there were no dealers or other casino components.

Italian casinos.

The poor could not get into the very first gambling houses. But gradually such a service reached the common people as well. Italian common houses became a gathering of players, but not under such rigid rules. The elite gathered in their own small circle. Years later, summer residences began to be arranged for such events. This is what gave the name casino, which in Italian means a small house. Italian people who did not belong to the elite and did not have a lot of income, entertained in taverns or arranged their casinos in the open air. But roaming the streets all the time was inconvenient, so special separate places for games began to open.

The opening of official casinos

The first casino in the world is considered the Ridotto building, located in Venice. This establishment, which had the status of a gambling establishment, opened in 1638 with the support of the authorities. An official casino would help control the turnover. The Ridotto was located in the building of the Church of Moses and was considered the first establishment where only a strict dress code was allowed. To limit the range of players, higher betting limits were imposed, which only members of the aristocracy could afford. In the middle of the 18th century, the casino was closed for two hundred years to resume its work.

Due to the fact that there were not many rich citizens and the gambling business was profitable, the casino owners decided to expand its boundaries, attracting more and more players. This entailed the mass emergence of more affordable establishments, accessible even to the middle class or poor.

Casinos in Europe and Russia

The history of casino development continued its march across Europe as gambling began to attract a large portion of wealthy Europeans. The first French casino appeared on an official basis in 1765. The work of a gambling house approved by Cardinal Mazarini himself, who hoped to collect a large tax for such activities. This casino also distinguished itself by the fact that people learned about the innovation - roulette.

Gambling entertainment did not bypass and the Russian Empire, where they considered prestigious players who visited the European casinos. In Russia, roulette was banned. And the venture itself was only an entertainment, not a way to make money. Therefore, cheaters who demanded money were put in jail.

In the XIX century European casinos were in their heyday. They created luxurious buildings with expensive interiors and top-notch service to achieve the comfort of visitors. The player's comfort and safety were in the first place. Visitors of high status and making especially large bets could play in separate rooms. The casino was the center of social life, allowing gambling and socializing, business meetings, and political disputes and problems.

But the boom period ended quickly, as government-imposed restrictions forced many casinos to be restricted. But some cities got around the bans by moving all the comfort and conditions for gambling entertainment. Monte Carlo and Monaco became a mecca for rich and poor alike.

The new light helped the gambling establishments look much more modest than the European ones. But over time, a developed business began to emerge in Las Vegas. And within a few years, the city was already considered the capital of gambling. Today Macau, which is located in Asia, can compete with it in terms of revenues and the arrival of tourists wishing to try their luck.

The action of gambling establishments today depends on the laws of a particular state. Distinctive features of modern casinos today are special gambling zones and the development of online casinos, allowing at home to get the winnings on the card.

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