20 Simple Unnoticeable Things that Make Us Happy

5 September, 2021

Hi Deears,

How are you this weekend? Happy hopefully, just like what I feel. Happiness is something relative, people said. This opinion is a result of the comparison that each people has a different standard of happiness. Actually, there is a lot of happiness around us in every single moment, but just because maybe they are ‘small’ and seem not too important so we ignore them. Try to take a look at the list below to see if you also experience them but probably never notice them.

1. Sleep Well

Do you know that out there, there are many people that can not sleep well? So if you can sleep well, that’s a little happiness that perhaps you don’t realize since it’s a routine. Find out more ya….

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Lovely Dee Kawaii
I am an educator and have been teaching for more than 10 years. I am so grateful to have the best job in the world, as I believe that teaching is not a job suited for everyone. I have worked with all age levels and I love coming to work each day. I am running language classes for those who are interested in learning English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic languages with Native speakers. I enjoy sharing tips about working life and life in general and wish to build new connections and interact with the readers well. Cheers!

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