A Journey to Ujung Genteng & Geopark Ciletuh | Sukabumi, Indonesia

7 May, 2022

First long road trip in 2022 goes to Sukabumi! Yes this time I choose to visit Ciletuh Geopark, it was in my bucket list for years and finally the day is coming.

It was a 2-day trip : Ujung Genteng for the first day & Ciletuh for the second day. It takes 200++ km from Jakarta and half of the way is crooked road. So make sure you didn't go with empty stomach and prepare your sickness bag.

I believe Ciletuh was most of people bucket list and you're on your way to find some honest review just like me previously haha. So here I am to give the fresh-from-the-oven review hehe

How to get there?

Self-driving is not recommended as the road is really crooked, I recommend you to join a trip that have professional driver - this time I join @explorer.idn - you could check their IG. It takes around 5-6 hours to get to Ujung Genteng from Jakarta so make sure you have some snacks with you. Along the way there are gas station with public toilet and minimarket. 

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