August 2022 TBR | Orilium Autumn Equinox Reading Plans

1 August, 2022

Hello friends!

On August I’m going to participate in Orilium Readathon hosted by G. This is a magic school based readathon where we create our own character, choose their career, and choose the quest for them by reading the books from particular reading prompts. This readathon has been started last year, but you can join this one too, as G said you don’t have to read all the books from the Novice Path which is too many to finish in a month. For more info, you can watch the Orilium readathon playlist in Book Roast channel.

I have made the video version of this TBR blog post, please watch if you prefer watching videos, and it has English sub in it.

In this Autumn Equinox or the 2nd semester Orilium Academy, the scholars have to continue the classes they took before. In the first semester, I chose Story Weaver as my career, so the prompt for August will be all the books required for Story Weaver. What’s different from this second to the first one is we are required to past certain grade in each school of magic.

Oh, also, you are allowed to steal some books from my TBR! Let me know if you did.

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