Desa Wisata Rumah Teletubbies – Yogyakarta

25 December, 2021

Dome house tourism village or usually called as Teletubbies house is located in Ngelepen Hamlet, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This place was built in 2007 with the purpose to anticipation of the earthquake house of the people in Indonesia. It was opened to the public in 2017.

            The dome house tourism village is located under a beautiful hills. The icon of the dome house namely teletabbies doll, is often friend of visitors, especially children to take picture. The shape of this house is half circle and not use the roof. This house is give colorfull paint, so that it increase the impression interesting and funny for spot photo. There are 80 buildings with dome house design complete with facilities. Domes house has two doors, there is front and back door, and there is a window for air ventilation into the room. There is sound resonance if we talk in one of the building. So, the teletubbies house in Prambanan is the only dome house complex in Indonesia and also in Asia, which is adaptable from the Igloo House model, his house of Eskimo.

            This is tourism place so colorfull, very unique dome structure residences and very warmfull citizens. It was really good experience to be here with greaty benefits.You can learn through dome house gallery about history of dome house in the world and in Indonesia, earthquake mitigation efforts, until process of making this dome house in Yogyakarta, is currenctly in development tourist destination.

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