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2 July, 2021
Talk about names. Name is the identity of a person to introduce themselves. As well as my blog, I need an interesting name to be known and remembered.
So, why I chose the name Wfanda?
Ok!! a flashback to 2015. In the past, the name of this personal blog was Marshmallow-mallow. Very girly isn’t it? Yes, I used to like girly things. Start from favorite colors to all-sweet food. In 2020, I changed the name of this personal blog to Wfanda. Wfanda isn’t a title branding name. Wfanda is a collection of my names.
“A set of names? Do you have many names?”
Yup! I have 4 names that people around me are familiar with that. If you notice, it will be Wanda’s name if the letter “F” is removed. Wanda is my first name. “F” from my middle name is Feni.
“Oh, that means “Wfanda” is a combination of the names Wanda and Feni, right?”
You could say yes, and you could say no. Remember, why I called it a collection of names?Ā 

There are 2 more names that I haven’t mentioned there are Fe and Fanda. There is a story behind it. I have 4 names, and they are still my nicknames. I feel an identity crisis when introducing myself to other people. Hahahahaha.
Hi readers, so I have a lot of requests to translate my blog into English for those who don’t understand the Indonesian language. I shared a poll on Instagram at that time about this, and I got an enthusiastic response. And yeah this is… I hope you guys understand. Disclaimer, I’m not good at writing formal English, so you can tell me if there any mistakes šŸ˜ You can check the link out for theĀ Indonesian languageĀ 
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wanda safitri
I'm Wanda Feni Safitri, otherwise known as Wfanda or Fe. Someone who likes about literature. I declare myself as a newbie writer in free time not as a pro writer.

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