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2 July, 2021
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Many things influenced me, why I decided to start this personal blog. I have always loved journalism. I have written a lot since I was 11th. Making up, wishing, and making my dreams are my hobbies. Not only writing, I often participate in competitions such as writing essays, writing short stories, scientific papers, poetry, and even short film scripts. Have you ever won a competition? Ever. But I’m not fixated on winning. Just being able to participate is already happy. How come? Of course, I can. One of my little joys is when people read my writing. I am a shy person. I can express my emotions by putting them in writing. Too poetic? Certainly not. This is how I know my true self.
The first writing I ever wrote was a poem in a junior high school magazine. I even forgot the title of the poem I wrote at that time.
I often post my writings on my personal Instagram page. Many drafts of writing that I made on my laptop and my cell phone. It is with this passion that I started blogging. Why did I choose to blog? Of course, I want to immortalize my writing. I want to share my story with people out there. The first time I got to know the world of blogging was when I was in junior high school and started blogging in 2015 under the name Marshmallow-mallow. Post, delete, repost one of my attitudes that can’t commit to writing on a scheduled basis. However, that didn’t stop me from continuing to write. Again, my writing is a draft. For that, I am looking for a way to make my writing not in the draft anymore, namely by starting blogging.
Finally, in 2018 I started back blogging on my blog www.wfanda.blogspot.com with posts that were still hollow. Until I found BPN (Blogger Women Network) which motivated me to stay consistent in blogging. Slowly but surely, I will continue to improve my writing posts on this personal blog.
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wanda safitri
I'm Wanda Feni Safitri, otherwise known as Wfanda or Fe. Someone who likes about literature. I declare myself as a newbie writer in free time not as a pro writer.

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