Fable Story - The Goldfish and The Deer

16 August, 2021

Hi friends! How are you? I hope everything is okay, friends. This time, I wanna share a fable story. This is a story that we usually encounter everyday from a moral point of view that will get after reading this.

This fable story was made by me and my friend.

Enjoy the story, greeting literacy!

Once upon a time, a beautiful forest there was a Goldfish and Deer. That was mutually friendly. They are always helpful if there is a problem in his life. They live peacefully and happiness in the friendship.

But happiness ended when the dry season comes to life. In dry season, all plants, food, and water are very dry. Their lives became burdened to found food supplies before the dry season comes. The Deer is looking for food supplies for preserving his life. While the Goldfish enjoy life by having fun without preparing food supplies during the dry season comes.

When the Deer is looking for food in the middle of forest, there is the Goldfish (his best friend) who is being swimming while singing. The Deer even come near to  the Goldfish with a sense of love friendship. But when he approached his friend, the Goldfish said “Hey Deer, how sad you are, should you look for food to life?”. The Deer answered with firmness of himself. “Arrogant you are Goldfish, so you are looking for food supplies before the dry season comes. Don't to have fun. When the Goldfish heared the Deer’s word, he immediately leaves his friend with annoyed in his mind. Deer also continues journey to find food with a sense of pleasure.

At the time when journey, he was exhausted and stopped at a shady tree with lots of fruits to rest. Suddenly, the fruits on the tree fell to his feet. He was very happy because he got life blessing. After a while, he met a Mouse Deer  and greeted him and invited him to share fruits for his life. With pleasure, the Mouse Deer accepted it. And he invited the Deer to stay with him. They even live prosperously by making friends.

For a few months, the Deer was worried about the life of the Goldfish. He also told his friend to the Mouse Deer. “ Is my best friend still living on a beautiful lake?”.  The Mouse Deer answered it. “Meet him now, no matter how he is your best friend”. In the mind of the Deer who is worried.  They were rushed to meet the Goldfish by bringing some food for him.

They toward for the trip with a carefree smile. When they until to the lake (place is the living), it turned out the lake is receding and dry without water.They were looking for the existence the Goldfish to meet him. They eventually met him in a weak condition on the land.  With the sincerity of friendship, he immediately helped the Goldfish.

In his mid, he felt disappointed in him because it has disapponted the Deer in friendship. He also apologized to the Deer and promised to be faithful interweave in friendship under any circumstances. They returned to be good friend with the joyful togetherness and live with their welfare.

Moral The Story :

Don't be arrogant, hold on to the firmness of the heart in the friendship.


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