FantaSIX SOCOBOX x Agnes Oryza (2021)

14 May, 2021

Sociolla celebrated its 6th anniversary as Indonesian beauty commerce. I joined the beauty mission on their website and I won the bigger one box (above), which is the newest version of SOCOBOX packaging in 2021. I applied for two missions (body and hair care) but I won for the hair care category. During the anniversary celebration, Sociolla collaborated with several beauty enthusiasts and they curated the SOCOBOX items based on the beauty enthusiast’s choice. The box above consists of SOCOBOX that I got from 2020 (the bigger one in 2021 is my 4th box) and the beauty competition prize.

So, again, I got the hair care category SOCOBOX which was curated by Agnes Oryza. I am truly delighted to receive these freebies! There are six items, here they are:

1. TAMMIA TammiaxMaze WFB-004 S Oval Wonder Flex Brush

I rarely comb my hair because I know that if we brush our hair in a wet condition, it will worsen the hair fall. But this flex brush is designed to tackle that problem. After a long time since I lost my Vidal Sassoon hairbrush, I brush my hair (again).


2. Varesse Hair Tonic Concentrate

Umm… I haven’t seen any significant progress on my almost-bald scalp. Will review it soon separately.

3. Dove 3 in 1 Super Shampoo Serum

Yas! So far so good to soften my hair. I got no dandruff after switching from Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo. I have no complaints. Excellent innovation, shampoo + serum!


4. Ellips Vitamin Balinese Essential Oil Nourish & Soften Bottle

Nice scent and it treats my hair perfectly smooth.


5. Dove 1 Minute Super Conditioner – Intensive Hair Fall Treatment

This is also good for hair softening, literally in one minute. But that’s all.


6. COLAB Dry Shampoo Travel Size Original

Not a fan of it. When my hair was really greasy, haven’t taken a shower, and spritz this onto my hair. Can’t believe why it didn’t seem to work and I was reapplying it again. Just a bit of oil absorption. Not a fan of the scent too. But nice to try.

That’s all my honest and brief review of the SOCOBOX that I got in 2021. Overall, I enjoy experiencing the SOCOBOX hair care category items. Just found what worked and what didn’t work for me. Thank you Sociolla for sending me these products!

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Ainun Isnaeni

penasaran sama collab nya nih, meluncur ke soco ahh

Sinta Dewi
Tidak ada informasi member

Halo, !


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