How to Take Medicine While Fasting

11 April, 2021

Ramadan is nearby. Ramadan is coming, so how to take your medicine. During Ramadan, Muslims will fast from dawn fajar (before sunrise) until dusk (iftar/Maghreb/sunset). In Indonesia, Muslims will fast about 13-14 hours. Not all places fasting for those hours, maybe some of them are shorter or longer than that.

During Ramadan, our eating habits are changing, yet if you or live with someone who has a certain chronic condition, Ramadan must challenge because it may change the dosage because of fasting. A certain chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid.

It’s not recommended for you to stop your regular medication just because you want to fast, for sure. What should you do if you can take medicine and fast safely?

Talk to Your Doctor or Pharmacist

Before you decide to fast, you better talk to your doctor or pharmacist first before the fasting month begins. Tell your doctor about your plan during Ramadan, he will examine your condition, you may or may not fast. If you may, maybe he will adjust the dosage of your medicine. A pharmacist also helps to recommend changing your medicine into a long-acting formulation namely sustained release.

How to Take Medicine While Fasting

Take medicine on a regular day (not fasting) depends on your prescription. If 3 times a day, so 3 times a day over 24 hours, take your medicine every 8 hours.

Read more about the time gap between taking medicine on Time Hour Apart Between Taking Medicine (2/3/4 Times a Day).

So, if you are fasting, these are some advice for you. The rule of taking medicine while fasting below based on condition in Indonesia (13-14 hours of fasting) and explanation from social media of the Ministry of Health of Indonesia.

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