Joyland Bali: One of Indonesia\\\’s Best (and Comfiest) Music Festivals

16 April, 2023

I’ve been to a number of music festivals in Indonesia, mostly in Jakarta. After attending Joyland, my bar is set pretty high.

Before we start, I’d like to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures that I took 😅

This year the festival is held at Peninsula Island in Nusa Dua, Bali. My main reason for going there is for Phoenix and Phoenix only, everything else is a bonus. Background story, this is a bit dramatic in retrospect. I wanted to come by myself since none of my friends wanted to go and I’m too lazy to join strangers. But first I needed to ask my Mom’s permission, I didn’t want any misfortune to happen just because I don’t get her blessing. My mom reluctantly declined and told my little sister to go with me. Understandable, she was probably scared that something bad might happen if I were to go alone. But it’s a little bit of a head-scratcher since I had the experience of going to a music concert overseas by myself. My sister agreed to come and I bought her the concert ticket. Fast forward to Hammersonic follow-up announcement, she was afraid that Bring Me The Horizon would come because of some rumor. She eventually told me that she didn’t wanna go anymore. For me, it was totally fine if I go there all by myself, but my mom still refused and demanded my sister to keep me company, but my sister was unshaken. OH GOD THE DRAMA. I was very well aware of the reason behind my Mom’s persistence, she wanted at least one person to go with me. At last, I suggested to her “Why don’t you come to Bali with me?” She looked perplexed and sort of did a little counting in her head, resulting in a rejection. This is my last straw: I’m still going alone BUT I will inform her of my whereabouts non-stop. She finally agreed. YES! A couple days later lo, and behold, after coming home from work she told me that she would come to Bali with me out of nowhere. A week after that my sister also decided to come. This is what happened when you are three strong-headed women living under the same roof. Now that all settled, Joyland here I come!

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