Keeping Good Memories and Getting Rid of Bad

16 April, 2022

The train took me to my home. I had a pleasant journey on the way. Still in the atmosphere of Ramadan, and from behind the train window, I take my gaze away from the green expanse of rice fields along the road. Snippets of the past flashed back in my mind, and like watching a movie, I was reminded of long-forgotten childhood memories.

There will come a moment when you will realize how quickly you have grown and how much has changed.

This is the conclusion I drew from the many flashbacks that flashed through my mind along the way. Every aspect of my life is changing as time passes. Parents who are no longer young, sisters and brothers who are married and have children, the distance that separates them, making a meeting a very precious time, childhood memories that cannot be repeated, the feelings that are still the same but in different circumstances.

Have you ever visited a place or sat in a train on a journey and felt exactly the same as you did before? That’s how I feel every time I’m heading home. I live in a different city than my parents with my husband, and every time I return, I have the same feeling. This proves firmly that we never forget what happened, even if it happened a long time ago, even when we were children.


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