Listen to Ourselves : How important to have listening skill?

24 September, 2022

Hello friends! this time I wanna take you around with yourselves. And here it is :

Our ability to listen and feel what is going on inside us. This is called Nama a name in Pali.

It is different with self-talk. If self talk, we talk, while self listen, we listen. From life journey that I have seen around us, sometimes we want to talk more, sharpen public speaking (active) whose purpose is more directed to the external or our external environment rather than being a listener (passive). Yet, we need to have listening skill.

Listening in this context is more understanding and feeling ourselves. The statement expressed by an Indonesian Holistic Expert, actually in our daily live we need full awareness. Because you can imagine, yes, we interacting in every day, talk to each other and ask questions, but we don’t realize to real answer from ourselves. This is natural in our lives. I also feel at the same time, interacting with questions and answer but the answer were spontaneous, which still using stock of our mind, still not in sync with actual situation. For example: how are you today? or other questions.

there is a statement that “mental function is higher and we are united when people relate to us“. We learn through other people language in sense of understanding. Yaps, related to self talk too. Because we can imagine, if we don’t bring content of conversation within ourselves and it is not spoken directly, it will cause depression problem will happen.

So, if we slowly implement self-listening in ourselves, it is also worthy called as achievement, but not in the form a certificate, but awareness. And something to be proud in our life journey, because we try to know, understand, feel, evaluation ourselves and mentally to be better than yesterday, and it will be simple to live a happy day in this world.


Give Yourself Permission to Break Routine.

Be Where, You Are

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Mega Handoko
Halo sobat 🤗 #dengaralambernyanyi ☘️

Halo, !


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