Playtime and Endless Imagination

24 September, 2021
Children and their imaginations are two inseparable pairing.
I have 3 children with endless imaginations, that they even create a game called “Game Imajinasi. Basically, Game Imajinasi is whatever adventure/narrative game they create at the time, and they play them around the house using combinations of toys that they have and other stuffs like pillows, blankets, chairs, etc. All I see is a mess, but what they see is a variety of visuals: aliens, dangerous landscape, enemies, gold, gemstones, extra levels and difficulties for the game, the list goes on. Yes, every time they play (and the playing can be done multiple times a day or last the whole day that I can’t tidy up the stuffs.. the Monica Geller in me wants to scream -_-) the house turns into a mess. A mess I complain about, but also feel thankful for.
Day, Dil, Dza (and meeeee) have been locked inside the house for nearly two years. I feel sad about the fact that they must loose certain period of time where they should be playing outside with their friends. Every now and then during the pandemic, I took them for cycling, playing in a nearby playground and visiting my parents, but those activities got postponed also since the surge of Delta variant in June. Pandemic holds life as we know it to a pause and we are forced to adjust our routines and activities. For our children, their world must temporarily shrinks before it expands.
Beyond the 2 hours screen time allowance, my 3 children make use of their free time for playing.
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