Psychology in AI Part 1: Why Humans & Automated Cars are Not (Yet) A Good Team

      There is a popular idea that artificial intelligence or commonly referred to as AI can replace humans. Is it true, however, that AI can always outperform humans in everything? Also, is AI completely trustworthy? To elaborate this issue, this article will particularly discuss the implementation of AI in automated cars’ design, as well as provide some concrete recommendations for further system improvement.

1. The trend of implementing AI on car designs

    The interest in building (semi-)automated cars has increased in the past several years as they are expected to provide us with safer transportation (Piao et al., 2016). Implementation of AI in an automated car is also projected to increase its inclusiveness since several functionalities, e.g., auto-parking (Tenhundfeld et al., 2019; Endsley, 2017; Piao et al., 2016), adaptive cruise control, and summon (Endsley, 2017) are all intended to let the car to operate autonomously with little to no human intervention. Thus, anyone, regardless of age or ability, is capable of driving it without significant problems.

2. Concerns regarding its safety level

        Despite all of the benefits promised, a 2018 incident involving automation technology, in which a self-driving uber car killed a pedestrian in Arizona, has prompted many academics to investigate more about its limitations. A number of topics have been discussed for this purpose. From the importance of addressing the macrosystem while designing technology (Banks, Stanton, & Plant, 2019), the necessity of enhancing training (Casner & Hutchins, 2019; Endsley, 2017), to the need of improving its AI to promote driving awareness (Endsley, 2017).

3. Why AI and humans are not (yet) a good team?

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