Review: Scarlet Whitening Body Scrubs Romansa

22 August, 2021

Since I screwed my mind a lot since July, I ignored my health as well (we all know the gym has been closed because of PPKM level 4). I stop moving, stop exercising, stop taking care of my skin as well so that I gained weight by about 8kg. Now I am 78kg. Just in two months.

One day, when my husband woke up earlier than me, he made me a cup of coffee and teased me "Wow...you are on the way to be like the Michelin man". I know he was just kidding me and he never complained about my body, but then I was thinking that what he said was true. I looked at myself in the mirror and I could see a mess there. My hair looked so bad. It has been cut by a lady who didn't know how to cut it. My skin was dull because I skipped the massage for a couple of weeks. Then, when I was busy, my eyes got stranded on a blue rack in the corner of my bathroom. It was the place where I put my body scrubs and my aromatherapy. When I opened it, I saw two body scrubs. One of them isĀ Scarlet Body Scrub Romansa. I remember that I have bought some Scarlet products to be given to my friends when they have birthdays. Read how this body scrub is amazingly working well on your skin.

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Lovely Dee Kawaii
I am an educator and have been teaching for more than 10 years. I am so grateful to have the best job in the world, as I believe that teaching is not a job suited for everyone. I have worked with all age levels and I love coming to work each day. I am running language classes for those who are interested in learning English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic languages with Native speakers. I enjoy sharing tips about working life and life in general and wish to build new connections and interact with the readers well. Cheers!
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