Violaaa, first of first I really excited about today’s topic which is about fashion. Not secret anymore that fashion is something that every girl always want to be involve. So why not me too right?? And today I put my heart into the trend color of fashion in 2021. Already excited girls???

And talk about it, since the middle of 2020 until now 2021,, we have delicious, beautiful and marvellous colours to put in. Let’s start with Lilac that you already know, sorbet colours and not forget to mention,, The Shade of Green. Especially the sage green, mint, matcha, lime and another desaturate green which are so pretty.

This color not only give the fresh look, but also keeps us dainty. Always pretty good to combine with white, yellow, denim or even the hot pink. And for me as a Hijabi, it's little bit challenging when I should style it with my hijab. But I definitely could handle it.

Here are some my looks in this pretty color that I really into lately :

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Ririn Khaa
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