The Easiest and Quickest Healthy Suhoor Recipes for Those on a Diet

Do you have any difficulties preparing suhoor food? Or are you on a weight-loss program? Both of them are the issue I’m dealing with. Sometimes I’m too lazy and don’t have enough time to prepare food for suhoor. So I try to find the simplest and easiest food for suhoor, but because I am on a diet, I have to choose foods that are nutritious for fasting.

I’ve only recently begun my diet journey, and it’s not easy for me to switch to eating clean food. Maybe those of you who have had similar experiences will feel the same way about me. It’s difficult to change our habits of eating all kinds of food to eating clean food, and I’m very picky about the healthy food that most people eat while on a diet program. Some people recommend eating oats because they are high in fiber and have good nutrition for the body, so they can keep us full for a long time, but I don’t like the taste. It is preferable for me to eat fruits such as bananas rather than oats. Until I came across this product, which surprisingly has a different taste despite being an oat! I’m extremely happy because now suhoor doesn’t have to eat only bananas.

I’ll share the simplest recipe with you here. I believe you can easily follow the recipes and that it could be an option for you during Ramadan.

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