The Sprite and the Gardener by Rii Abrego & Joe Whitt | Book Review

30 January, 2023

Hello! This is the first book review I made on 2023. Today I read a cute graphic novel titled The Sprite and the Gardener and I love it. I need to let everyone know about this graphic novel, so after reviewing this on Goodreads, Storygraph and twitter, I decided to make a short blog post here too.


Goodreads rating             : 4.13

My rating                         : 5.00

Length                              : 89 pages

Book type                         : graphic novel

Keywords                         : graphic novel, garden, gardening, plants, flowers, diverse characters, sprite

finished in one sitting, quick read, lighthearted


The Sprite and the Gardener by Rii Abrego & Joe Whitt | Book Review

Long time ago as a kid I wasn’t good at gardening, the plant I transferred from a pot to garden always experienced near-death experience or the seed I planted remained as a seed,

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