Calia House of Eatery: New Aesthetic Gem in Yogyakarta

2 July, 2021

Okay, first of all, allow us to brag a little. Ehem. We are the first blog to review Calia: House of Eatery! Wow! How cool is that? I mean, how could the pilgrims of #ForeverThrowback like us be a trailblazer? How can we look so cool this time? Hahaha, the world is funny sometimes, huh. So, how does it feel having lunch at one of the prettiest and esthetique restaurants at the heart of Yogyakarta?

Located beside the main road of Kragilan, Calia was a true oasis for getting away from the hustle and bustle street. Come here for an early dinner so you can equally take in the beautiful decor in the daylight, yet still experience the dusk as it settles over the sunset in front of you. Calia has both an outdoor and indoor setting. Both areas looked comfortable. But since the humidity is kinda crazy that day, we opted for indoor—even in front of the AC haha! I love the way Calia combine concrete wall, white and blue furniture, along with big windows so sunshine can come in without a doubt. I always love natural brightness.

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