Cold, Lukewarm, or Hot Water. What is The Best for Taking Medicines?

7 April, 2021

Cold, lukewarm, or hot water. What is the best for taking medicines? On a sunny day, sweat over body, cold water is suitable for quenching thirst. In the meantime, you have to take your medicine. Are you going to take your medicine with cold water?

Taking Medicine with Cold Water

In general, cold water slows down metabolism rate, digestion. Organs in our body can motionless or cannot work appropriately. Thus, when we take our medicines with cold water, they inhibit medicines’ metabolism process and slow down the absorption.

Taking Medicine with Hot Water

Water is a suitable liquid for taking most medicine, but it doesn’t mean all kinds of the temperature of the water can be used for taking along with medicine. There are the same medicines that you should avoid taking with hot water.

Capsule, the major component, is gelatine. Hot water can melt it, thus the capsule dissolves quicker. As a result, drug components inside the capsule spread out before arriving at the target place to dissolve in our body. Therefore, the effectiveness and safety of medicines reduce. It’s not good news, is it?

Taking Medicines with Lukewarm Water

If you aren’t advised to take medicine with cold water, if you have a cough or sore throat. Lukewarm water may be the best advice for you. Moreover, lukewarm water induces a lot of sweat. This sweat helps flush out toxins through perspiration. It also helps affect your blood circulation, thus can relieve pain in muscle or joint. Lukewarm water also is preferred for effervescent tablets.

So, What Kind of Water for Taking Medicines?

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