Drowning (At Swimming Pool in 170 cm Depth!)

25 December, 2021

On last Monday, I and my friends visited Jati Sewu Cibungbang swimming pool, located at Baregbeg, Ciamis. I was excited when arrived there. I immediately took a picture, went for a walk around, and I was so happy.

I didn’t know why I was so happy. Maybe because after six months I never travel, just stay at dormitory. I thought so. Udahlah habis itu I prepared for swimming, because my plan was swimming. My friend, Unni told me about the swimming pool but I didn’t care and I just followed Aa who tried the depth of swimming pool. You can guest what happen next. Of course. I drowned, I was panic and Unni didn’t realize that I drowned. She thought that I and Aa played together in the pool. OMG!

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