Indonesian Cuisine: Horse Soup, Maranggi Satay, Banana Epe, Sarabba, Grilled Konro and Sweet Potato Soup

4 March, 2022

Indonesian cuisine is famous for its variety of flavors and uniqueness. This time, bolangers will be invited to get acquainted with various regional specialties in Indonesia.

The first memorable food is Coto Kuda, typical of the city of Jeneponton, South Sulawesi.

As the name implies, horse coto is a coto with the basic ingredients of horse meat. Coto itself is a typical Makassar soup dish. Coto Kuda typical of Jeneponto, South Sulawesi, was originally a special dish for the king or noble of Jeneponto. Coto Kuda is usually served with vegetable ketupat and onions. Horse meat fiber is larger and thicker when compared to beef fiber.


The second one, Maranggi satay is one of my favorite foods. Maranggi satay is a typical Purwakarta satay,  a city in West Java, that has a strong taste because the beef is soaked in spices before being roasted. Usually served with nasi uduk (rice uduk) or ketan (sticky rice) plus sambal (chilli sauce) oncom or peanut, maranggi satay is the menu of choice when visiting Purwakarta.

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