#justinindyo’s Travel-Best Buys from Around The World

2 July, 2021

What makes a good purchase is a good purchase? Is it needed? Or is it fulfill our desire? Or its usefulness and long last? When we travel, we sometimes buy this and that for any reason. Those three also our reasons to buy something. “I like that fridge magnet, I can’t only buy five, I need ten.” “You fit in that shoe.” “It would be nice if you change your backpack with that.” “I love these books.” “We have to try that cake.” and other humanitarian reasons possible. But in all of those experiences, we have some of the best buys that have come from various places we’ve been. Let me share with you.

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Justin + Nindyo
A Plate for Two adalah rumah kecil Justin + Nindyo di jagad internet, di mana kamu bisa mampir sesukamu untuk mencari teman, saling bertukar cerita dan inspirasi tentang dunia, tentang petualangan kami, petualanganmu, petualangan kita, atau ya sekedar menghibur diri di kala senggang juga boleh. Semua orang disambut di rumah ini, termasuk kamu.
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