Movie Review: Love Reset 30 Days

22 November, 2023

I really want to watch this movie is because I want to watch my all time favorite romantic comedy queen, Jung So Min. Basically I really love korean drama, mostly romantic comedy genre, I watch her on Naughty Kiss, so no wonder, she is still that stunning and play her character perfectly here. The character she plays this time is a very very independent woman with lovely friends around and such a financially stable family she has, Hong Na Ra, in other hand No Jeong Yeol well played by Kang Ha Neul, is a unemployed man that is have such a small heart, since he has Hong Na Ra, a rich woman beside, he always think he is not really that match and deserve her but also want to life with her so much because he loves her deeply. The massage also such an all time advice about marriage but this movie could bring it in such a fun way, no bossy at all. The comedy is korean kinda comedies, if you like korean drama this one would be a big yes to be on your list.

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