National Father’s Day | Story Between Daughter and Father – Tell Me Yours!

12 November, 2021

My father is kind of a strict father. He is tough, firm, and stiff. He never let his only daughter fall into the wrong way of life. Sometimes, that strict type of him makes me feel restrained, even until now. When he says “No”, it will be forever “No”, no matter what. He is sometimes emotional, judgmental, and said something bad of me. And what can I do after that is only cry. I have no that courage to fight him. He is loud, fierce, and sometimes scold me in our house terrace which our neighbour can hear all what he said, and I was so embarrased. He also sometimes slapped me when I was still a kid. He never said “I love you” to me, or “sorry” to me, or “thank you” to me, or something soft words to me. BUT, you know what? Even thought he “treat” me like that, he is still my best father I have ever had. Once again I tell you, he is the best father.

His kindness to me is way more greater than all what I said before above. I know that he loves me more than anything, but he can’t say it all because we are the type of awkward father and daughter. When I was a kid, I always remember that he always waved his hand to me every time he went to his work. And when he cameback home, he always brought me food if he had more money for that. That habit continues until right now, even until he retired from his job. He still bring me food everytime he saw my favorite food on the street and when had more money. Not so long ago, he just went to the drugstore to bought his routine medicine, and when he cameback home, he brought me Lumpia basah, and I was not even ask him to buy me foods?! And today, just a few hours ago after his Friday pray, he bought me cilok omg. And it’s been already 3 weeks he always bought me food after his Friday pray. Did he forget that I am his 25 years old daughter? Omg, I’m f**ng 25!!! I love him.

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