[Review] Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum

4 April, 2021

It will maintain our dull skin get brighter and hydrated at the same time. It also help our texture skin smoother and soft. The thing is how it also help to hydrate my dry skin all day and all night without feeling greasy at all. You still can combine it with your moisturizer and sunscreen since it is so light even though the texture so watery. I am also fine with the smell, I did not think it contains any fragrance at all.

I really like how it can moisturized my skin and do not make it greasy at all for daily use even I use a thick sunscreen product. At night it also do not feel sticky at all. So light and absorb quickly since it is watery. I really am fine with this product, although at first I really was anxious it will make me got pimple or make my skin oily. So, I recommend you guys try this product as well.

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