Mind-doodling Journal: ‘What is Content Development?’ I wonder

28 June, 2022

One day, I got an unexpected invitation from Glints’ team for a job interview I didn’t even apply for. If accepted, I’ll be assigned in the content developer position. But, what exactly is that?

After getting the information about the job opening from the Glints’ team, I finally attended an interview by phone call last week. To be frank, I was not in my best shape (I cried an ocean the night before) and it was as if I lost for words due to some stress.

Thankfully, the one who called me was real sweet and so understanding. I could answer most of the questions as she delves into my pasts working as a content writer for my late company. The next recruitment process is an interview with the user and she’d tell me when I got chosen.

A few days ago, the Glints’ team told me that I could proceed to the next step. After arranging a suitable schedule, I need to prepare for the interview well.

The Singaporean media company based in Jakarta offers a content developer position to fill. I don’t know exactly how many candidates are there, but the thing is it’s not about the opponent’s numbers or quality that I need to be concerned about–it’s my own preparation that I need to focus on.

I might be familiar enough with the job descriptions as a content writer myself, but the position offered is a content developer which I assume covers a wider scope of marketing and publication. After researching a good amount of articles, papers, and videos, I’ll write everything I know about a content developer position and their roles.

What is content development?

It’s surprisingly tricky to find some proper materials about content development as the term refers to some different roles. Content development is mostly understood as a process of creating teaching materials or classroom activities, while some other sources believe that a content developer is in charge of a website design or even a website programming.

However, the job description listed on the infographic sent to me focuses more on the production of content embodied on the website–and probably other platforms as well, such as social media or newsletter. I found a good web which gives detailed explanations about this specific content development namely Intergrowth. According to the website, content development can be summed up as ‘the process of creating content for a website from start to finish.’

As for the content to be developed, another good example of a website namely Job Hero describes it as a broad term that can refer to blog posts, static web copy, podcasts and video content, sales copy, presentations, animations, web graphics, and social media content.

Content developer job description

From Intergrowth, I learn that content development basically includes the following aspects:

  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Optimization (SEO)
  • Publishing
  • Promotion

Thus my job will not only require me to provide content for the web, but also analyze sources for the content, manage the content, make (or use) efficient and effective strategies to design the content, and see how the executions make any impact for the web. Even if it seems like a lot of work, I don’t see it as daunting. Rather, the job seems quite interesting to me!

It somehow reminds me of some courses I had back then in my university year. I was taught how to develop classroom activities as well as my own teaching materials to teach students English. It gives me a clearer view of the position offered to me as they are somewhat closely related.

As a teacher, I can’t teach my students just any materials. There are what so-called student needs (in form of curriculum) should be met. Each student even has his own learning preference which impacts the teaching strategy that I should use to deliver the materials. My job won’t end with delivering the materials, but it will lead to the other stages to ensure the success of my students. I have to assess their comprehension of the materials (usually, but not exclusively, with tests) and observe their daily performance in class so that I’ll be able to tell when things are going wrong and targets can’t be accomplished. 

All these are surprisingly similar to the content development concept. While quality content with SEO optimization may gain traction on our website, it won’t give much impact without further strategizing, promotion, and evaluation. See the similarities yourself from the following duties and responsibilities a content developer has, as listed on the Job Hero website:

  1. Develop Strategic Content Goals
  2. Create Content and Manage Content Distribution
  3. Collaborate With Other Departments on Content Creation
  4. Analyze Key Performance Indicators to Determine Content Effectiveness
  5. Quality Assurance

As a bachelor in education and content writer who also owns a personal blogger, I love the idea of being a content developer and see it as a chance for me to grow professionally which will benefit both the company where I work and my own personal projects.

Must-have basic skills as a content developer

“A Content Developer uses a mix of creative and technical skills to perform their job. They must be a creative thinker to conceptualize content, and then have the organizational mind to create a pragmatic plan of action.”

Read the rest of the article on my blog, Jurnal Bunga Matahari.

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