The Suitable Liquid for Taking Medicine

What is the suitable liquid for taking medicine? Water, fruit juice, alcohol, milk, or soda? The answer depends on the medication. Some medications should be taken with an empty of full stomach. However, some medications also have interactions with food or beverages.

A pharmacist is the best resource for you to answer this question. As a pharmacist, many patients come to me to ask this question. Many of them couldn’t handle the bitterness of medicines, so they didn’t want to take the medicines with plain water. Nevertheless, not all medicines can be taken with non-plain water.

Liquid for Taking Medicine

Water helps push the medicine down from mouth to stomach to the intestine to be absorbed. Taking a full glass of water helps to avoid the medicines stuck on the esophagus and makes an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, don’t just take a sip of water. However, when we talk about water, we assume it is plain water. Plain water is a suitable liquid for taking most medicines. How about other liquids?

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