[ENG] Poem | Secret Admirer

3 July, 2021
Being in the closest distance but can only stare in silence
Seeing all your behavior makes me want to approach you
Your place is too high compared to my caste
Even so, your screams are so kind to me
Like a snail in a shell
My greetings that you don’t dare to hear, put hope in every word
Can you hear me? Can you give me a little glance?
I’m in your part of the world
I’m on your cover sheet
Until now, as far as time goes
Your body is lost with your soul
Now you are invisible, but bind the pieces of memory
The word mortal is clearly engraved in the heart
Which mingles with grains of regret
If, if, and if
I can break my shell so that my greeting can dismantle fear
And looking at you is my step to approach you
Maybe, I’ll be a little relieved to let you go to a new world
If your nuance is my niche
Then the swish of blood that flows is my hope
For you from me who was once your secret admirer
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